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Liverpool Viking ferry
Liverpool Viking ferry
prior to change of ownership

GPS system being installed on the Liverpool Viking ferry
GPS being installed

Arriving at Liverpool
Arriving at Liverpool prior to change of ownership

Ferry photographs

Includes images prior to change of ownership and new livery.

Logo of European FerryBox Project
FerryBox Project


Birkenhead to Belfast ferry route
Information for map showing ferry route
Each cross marks out the ferry track
Red crosses are the last ten readings
A white cross shows the latest known position

Surface measurements such as temperature, salinity, turbidity and chlorophyll are currently being taken by the DFDS Seaways ferry 'Liverpool Seaways' on the Liverpool (Birkenhead) to Dublin route (formally the Norfolkline 'Liverpool Viking' ferry), although it has been known to service the Birkenhead to Belfast route occassionally.

Earlier ferry routes were mainly to Belfast, however the ferry schedule has recently changed to include more trips to Dublin.

The data is logged and recovered during service intervals. However, a small set of these data is routinely transmitted in real time and is accessable via this web site.

Latest information 27 Jan 2011:
DFDS Seaways have decided to withdraw from the Liverpool to Dublin route and move the ship to another route outside UK waters.

The FerryBox (instrumented system) has therefore been removed. We intend to follow up other contacts within the ferry sector with an aspiration to fit the system to another cross Irish Sea ferry as soon as possible. It is likely that it will take at least six months to gain approval and then to arrange for the installation of the necessary infrastructure to take the FerryBox system.

We would like to thank DFDS Seaways and the previous owners for their helpful co-operation over the last few years which has led to the collection of some extremely useful data sets for scientific research.

Current situation and archived plots of crossings
These plots show todays sea surface parameters from Irish Sea crossings together with results from the last four weeks.

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Pilot study results from the Lagan Viking (previous ferry on route)
The following results were taken on trips between Birkenhead and Belfast before the system to link the position to data was installed.

Currently the following data set does not link the position of the ferry to the time of the measurement. Using the ship log it may be possible to match the ferry position to each date/time measurement. On future crossings Global Positioning System (GPS) measurements will be routinely gathered and added to the overall data set.

Surface measurements - 15 Dec 2003 - 26 Jan 2004
Temperature, Salinity, Chlorophyll-a and Turbidity
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Temperature Temperature
Salinity Salinity
Chlorophyll-a Chlorophyll-a
Turbidity Turbidity"



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Ferry measurements
27th January 2010
Withdrawn from service.

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