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Glider experiment
Fixed locations

Beginning deployment
Glider in water
Glider released
Glider at surface
Preparing recovery
Recovery using frame

Glider experiment in the Irish Sea
Glider Path
Trace of Glider path
An autonomous Glider was deployed in the Irish Sea on the 26 October and recovered on the 17 November 2005, off the North Wales coast.

It avoided areas of heavy ship traffic, old/gas rigs and wind farms. At pre-programmed times it surfaced to relay data back via satellite and to get a new GPS fix on its position.

As the Glider moved up and down the water column, sensors recorded water temperature, conductivity (and hence salinity) and depth.

The Glider was on loan from Rutgers University Institute of Marine and Coastal Science, where more information can be found.

We are grateful for their willingness and enthusiasm for the loan of the glider, their contribution to deploying the Glider, data processing and for their supervision of the deployment and recovery at the Operations Center at Rutgers.


Glider cross sections
View cross section plots of density, temperature and salinity during the deployment.

» View density
» View temperature
» View salinity

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Glider data
Data spans 26 October to 17 November 2005, can be loaded as individual upcast or downcast files, daily files in zipped format, or the whole data set as one zipped file.

» Get archived data


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