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The Isle of Man is an internally self-governing dependency of the British Crown; it is not part of the UK.

The Isle of Man has a special relationship with the European Union set out in Protocol 3 to the United Kingdom's Treaty of Accession. Under this special relationship the Island is neither a member state nor an associate member of the European Union.

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Port Erin Breakwater
Initiated: 1 January 1904.
Variables: Surface sea temperature and salinity.
Frequency: Temperature taken twice a day, salinity taken only once.

Data collected by: Port Erin Marine Laboratory (University of Liverpool).
Methods: Temperature, Meteorological (Sea Ice) Office issue thermometer; Salinity, titration against silver nitrate until 1965, thereafter using inductively coupled salinometers (Autolab salinometer, 6230N Plessey, currently Guildline Portasal).

Other: Until November 1961 temperature was recorded in degrees Fahrenheit; these data have since been converted degress Centigrade.

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The Cypris DataSets
Initiated: February 1954
Location: 5km west of Port Erin, Isle of Man. 54 05.30(N), 04 50.00(W). Nominal depth 37m.

Variables (with years of initiation and depths): Temperature (1954: 0, 5, 10, 20 and 37 metres); Salinity (1954: 0 and 37 metres); Dissolved Oxygen (1954: 0 and 37 metres); Phosphate (1954: 0 and 37 metres); Nitrate + nitrite (1960: 0 and 37 metres); Silicate, (1958, 0 and 37 metres); Chlorophyll a, (1966: 0 metres).

Frequency: from weekly to once a month depending on season, boat availability and weather.
Data originator and principal investigator: D. John Slinn, Port Erin Marine Laboratory (University of Liverpool).

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