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Marker buoy on site - entrance to the River Mersey, Liverpool Bay, Irish Sea, UK.
Bottom mounted frame containing a 600KHz ADCP (left hand side with yellow protective lid - battery pack white tube with blue ends), Aanderaa Transmissometer (not shown), Water Level Recorder(not shown) and Sea-Bird Micro-Cat (small silver tube on the right). The yellow tubes are buoyancy which enables the mooring to surface when the weights are automatically released on recovery.
Smart buoy prior to deployment in Liverpool Bay.
Wave rider prior to deployment. It is resting in a wooden craddle to stop it rolling about on deck.
Bottom mounted frame. The yellow tubes are buoyancy. The brown tube contains the rope spool which is released on recovery and enables the lead weights to be retrieved off the sea-bed.
The congested deck of the research vessel Prince Madog prior to deployment of moorings.The wave rider is in the middle (satellite aerial attached) and a marker buoy on the right hand side.
Marker buoy on deck after recovery. Notice the algal growth on the underside.
Algal growth on a Aanderaa current meter.
ADCP current meter on test with an acoustic modem. These modems will allow data to be transmitted to a surface buoy and then via satellite telemetry to the website. No buoyancy was used since this test mooring had a rope connection to a marker buoy.

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