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Frame Before and After Servicing.
Zebra Tech OBS Wiper - Keeps the Turbidity Sensor Clean.
Chamber Water Flow Control Valve to Stop Instrument Contamination Close to Port.
Engine Room Instrumentation Chamber.
Chamber Service.
Bridge Based Data Downloading.
Access to the Bridge Electronics.
The Upper Deck of the Norfolkline Liverpool Viking With 12 Quays Terminal, Birkenhead In the Background.
Access to the Upper Deck of the Norfolkline Liverpool Viking.
Engine Room Preparations for Instrumentation Exchange.
New FSI equipment ready for deployment.
Replacing measurement system in the engine room.
The reason that the equipment needs servicing (before and after deployment).
Clamping down the lid on the sea water intake system which contains the equipment.
Misty early morning start for servicing.
Orbcomm and GPS antennas.
The Norse Merchant Lagan Viking arriving in the Mersey between Birkenhead and Liverpool.
The Norse Merchant Lagan Viking passing the Birkenhead side of the Mersey.
Lagan Viking proceeding to dock at Birkenhead with the QE2 in the background.
Sensors were removed from the holding tank for cleaning on the 12th November. This shows the amounts of sediment that accumulate during the docking process.
The new location for the telemetry antennas on board the Lagan Viking.
The long vertical aerial is the GPS antenna while the white rectangular box towards the bottom right of the photgraph contains the Orbcomm satellite antenna.
Location of telemetry antennas.
Location of telemetry antennas.

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