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Proposed developments

  • Continue with reduced survey/moorings footprint
  • Install measurement systems at Port Erin & Cypris Station, Isle of Man
  • Full transect of Irish sea with autonomous Glider system
  • Investigate mixing in Liverpool Bay using a Glider fitted with turbulence package
  • Survey west of the River Ribble with autonomous Glider system
  • For the first time use RV Marisa as the survey/deployment/recovery platform
  • Reduce mooring sites to one (Site A will continue)
  • Survey west of the River Ribble with autonomous Glider system
  • Instrument a third moorings site (located to the west/south-west of the Isle of Man)
  • First deployment of the autonomous Glider (March)
  • Move second mooring site (B) to new location
  • Install replacement weather station on Hilbre Island
  • Addition of optics sensors to measurement program
  • More depth resolution of sites A and B using Mini-Loggers (for sea temperatures) and Microcats (for sea temperatures and other parameters)
  • Introduce new conductivity sensors to ferry program to give better salinity measurements
  • Carry out a multi-beam surveys of Liverpool Bay
  • Instrument additional ferry routes across the Irish Sea
  • Introduce geo-fencing to the ferry system to stop measurements prior to docking (instruments are often contaminated with mud during the docking process)
  • Purchase of autonomous Glider (torpedo shaped instrument that uses ocean currents to move around, like a yacht uses the wind)
  • Introduce more real-time measurements from bottom mounted moorings
  • Addition of Aandera oxygen sensors to measurement program
  • More university based research process studies on cruises
  • Upgrade website
  • Introduce real-time measurements from bottom mounted moorings
  • Start second in situ site
  • Deploy autonomous glider
  • Re-deploy wave buoy in Hilbre Channel (Dee Estuary/Liverpool Bay)
  • Upgrade MapViewer
  • Start of HF radar operation
  • Start new weather station on Hilbre Island
  • Start of X Band radar operation from Hilbre Island
  • Carry out process study in the Dee Estuary
  • Drifting buoys
  • Installation and testing of HF radar
  • Start first in situ site
  • Start collecting samples for nutrient survey
  • Start surface measurements using the Lagan Viking ferry
  • Models - nutrients and plankton dynamics
  • First real-time met and tide gauge data
  • Pilot in situ measurements
  • Deploy SmartBuoy
  • Deploy wave buoy
  • Pilot surface measurements using Lady of Mann ferry
  • Models - currents, temperature and salinity
  • Irish Sea/Liverpool Bay models with wave/current interaction

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