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Validating POLCOMS with Ferrybox data
Ferrybox is an automated sampling device which measures several water quality parameters including temperature, turbidity, chlorophyll and salinity. Until January 2011 the instruments were attached to the DFDS Seaways ferry 'Liverpool Seaways' on the Liverpool (Birkenhead) to Dublin route. The ferry has now been withdrawn from service and we are currently looking for a replacement route.
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2D Maps
The diagrams below show the POLCOMS model output along the Ferry's path (top left), the Ferrybox data (top right) and the difference between the two (bottom) over the last month.

The graph below shows the Ferrybox observed data in blue and the POLCOMS Irish Sea model output for the Ferrybox route, in red.

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28th February 2012
Working normally.

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